What to do when your car can't be fixed?

Things to do when a mechanic can't fix your car Ask another mechanic and research possible solutions on the Internet. Always ask for a cost estimate or a quote to solve the problem and write it down in writing so there are no surprises in the end. Make sure you include the cost of parts and labor. The repairman should be able to explain any minor increase in cost.

Ask how long the repairs will take and when your car will be ready for pickup. Another obstacle to repairing cars with terminal defects is that the cost of doing so could be prohibitive, even if possible. I had a customer whose car suffered an engine failure seven times. Each time, the manufacturer replaced the motor without finding out what the cause of the faults was.

The car itself wasn't that expensive to begin with, so I suspect that the cumulative cost of the seven replacement engines and the cost of replacing them were probably close to the value of the car. At what point is it cheaper to simply replace the car completely instead of trying to rebuild it little by little? STEP 1 ~ Ask another mechanic This is usually the first thing a mechanic thinks of when they can't solve a problem. The guys who work next to me are an ENORMOUS resource of knowledge. The chances that they will encounter a similar problem are quite high.

Step 3 ~ Computer Research If you haven't fixed a car yet, it's time to read the old repair manual. Depending on what the problem is, VW has a number of different resources available. If they have a connection to get cheap car parts, they may have no problem doing the job themselves. There are junk car destroyers that buy old cars of any make, model, or condition, so they can extract the vehicle in search of parts and resources and earn a living on their own.

Repairing automotive electronics has been my main job for more than a decade and I am passionate about everything technical related to cars. So what if you really want to fix your car but the math looks really ugly? Personally, I see how much of the repair I can do on my own. If your car works well and there are no major problems, then this isn't a concept you need to worry about yet. There are cases where the repair price is higher than the cost of a reasonably used car on the market.

The biggest problem is that once in the workshop the car starts without a problem, once at home it starts for a couple of days and then starts again without starting. In other words, you're spending so much money that you could buy a used version of your current car that actually works instead of repairing your broken car. If repair costs are higher than this full year's car payments, then you could reconsider repairs. If the car is especially useless in their book, they won't give you money, but they'll tow it for free.

If my year-round repairs add up to that 5 thousand dollars, then I will leave it and discard the car. I have taken this car to at least 7 different mechanics, including the Honda dealer, and no one can solve the problem, it starts without starting.