How long is too long for a car repair?

There is no legal limit on how long a garage needs to store a car. The overall level of activity and the workload of the garage will also affect how long it takes for the most extensive repairs. Also, keep in mind that repairs will naturally take longer if your car is of a special brand or vintage, since parts may need to be ordered. The answer to this question depends on the severity of the repairs.

If the repairs are minor, such as an oil change or a tune-up, the mechanic should be able to have your car ready in a few hours. However, if repairs are more extensive, such as rebuilding the transmission or repairing the engine, it could take a few days to a week to complete. A dealer can hold a car for up to 30 days. However, there are some repairs that are more complex than others.

If your vehicle is in the garage of any of these types, you may want to talk to the car dealer before making drastic decisions. It may just be a simple misunderstanding that can be resolved quickly through a little bit of communication. As a body shop owner, this is one of the most difficult questions we have to answer in our daily routines. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the time it should take to repair your car, also known as “cycle time”.

Cycle time is generally measured from the day the car is left at the repair center to the day it is picked up. The current national average cycle length is 12 days. The key word here is average, because many jobs are much faster, and yet there are some that take much longer. So you may wonder why this is so difficult to understand.

Some areas where we see ongoing delays include: approving insurance, delivering parts, and looking for further damage once the car is knocked down. Insurance approval is generally needed before workshops can begin repairs. Many insurance companies respond within a few days, however, I've seen insurance companies take a few weeks to approve. Parts delivery is usually quite fast; however, parts are often misordered because there are so many options with today's cars.

The last area, finding more damage once the car is knocked down, is probably the biggest problem. It's hard to see all the damage to a vehicle until it's knocked down. In more than 50% of the vehicles we work on, we'll find additional damage that needs to be repaired. Often this involves ordering additional parts, which prolongs the delay.

The good news is that many workshops are streamlining their processes to reduce the number of delays. This is an ongoing process and body shops continue to improve their processes to repair cars faster. I think the national average will drop by 1 or 2 days in the coming years. You won't realize how outdated other car search apps are until you try the CoPilot app.

Sometimes, a strong-worded letter from a lawyer can be enough to fix your car with a little more “encouragement” from your mechanic or body shop. For example, if you left your car in the repair shop to be repaired and didn't pay for the repairs, the mechanic may be able to hold your car until you legally pay for the repairs. It can be useful to know this in case you encounter a situation where a dealer appears to have hijacked your car. If you have a problem that takes a long time to fix, the mechanic may stay with your car overnight or for a few days.

If you've taken your car to a mechanic for repair, the mechanic may not be able to legally hold your car if you don't have a lien on it. Not only do you have to take time out of your busy schedule to deliver your car, but you also have to pay for repairs. You want to ask the technician or owner of your shop for a more specific period of time for your car to be repaired. See only cars five years old or older with low mileage CoPilot Compare is the best way to find cars out of lease, early redemption and CPO.

In most cases, mechanics can perform additional repairs without your permission, as long as they think the repairs are necessary and you check if they are included in your car insurance. Basic insurance will not include car rental coverage in most cases, but is available as an optional coverage. Whether you're borrowing a family member's car or using a ride-sharing company, have a backup plan to get around town. If the garage does not repair the car within a “reasonable period”, it may be granted a discount on repair costs.

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