What is the cheapest car brand to maintain?

Suzuki Baleno GL automatic hatch, 1.4L and 4sp. As the last Honda on the list, we can't emphasize more how reliable these cars can be. Models prior to model year 2003 were manufactured with a toothed belt. From 2003 models onwards, the timing belt has been removed.

Or speak to an agent now at (85) 372-0071. But since repairs can turn out to be the most expensive aspect of your car's running costs, it's important to choose your car wisely. In this publication, we analyze aspects such as the reliability index and the average cost of repair to bring together the 10 cheapest cars to repair. The smaller size and limited functions mean that there are physically fewer things requiring repair, so it has a reasonably low average repair cost of approximately 186.70 pounds sterling, according to the reliability index. A small-sized city car, the Toyota Aygo is known for its reliability, ranking as one of our most reliable small cars.

Owners have reported few model failures and earned an impressive 96.9% rating in the WhatCar reliability survey. The latest Citroen C4 is a relatively new model, but it takes most of the elements from its predecessor and improves them. Its construction is largely based on the Peugeot 208, making it a good bet on reliability. The reliability index indicates that the average repair costs of the Jazz are 371.08 pounds sterling, however, only 6% of owners reported having problems with their model.

Although the repairs are slightly higher than the others on our list, the need for less frequent repairs keeps the cost low. What Lease Ltd Savoy Tower 77 Renfrew St Glasgow Scotland G2 3BZ What Lease Ltd, operating as Lease Fetcher and What Lease Ltd, is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (77411). We act as a credit broker, not as a lender. Which Lease Ltd operates as Lease Fetcher and What Lease is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (77411).

You can research what people usually have to repair or replace in a car, and you can expect to face similar problems. There's nothing stopping Australian car buyers from crossing the Queensland border to get the best deal. Despite his passion for being behind the wheel (or handlebars), he's looking forward to the day when he can drive to work in his own driverless car. Since 2002, the Jazz has been the smallest car offered by the Japanese manufacturer Honda in the Australian market.

Note: The cars on the list must have had at least 200 reservations through AutoGuru last year to be included in the list. The Suzuki Baleno may be every bargain hunter's dream, but the car is more expensive in some states than others. But if your warranty has passed or you've decided to buy a used car, the idea of repair costs can be overwhelming. In addition to the initial cost and repairs, you also need to factor in the average cost of car insurance in your budget.

As one of the most reliable cars you can buy, the Corolla's popularity and wide availability of parts make it another car to consider when you're looking for inexpensive maintenance. When buying a car or truck, the seller doesn't want to talk about what it will cost to maintain and repair that vehicle over its lifespan. Once you receive your car and need it repaired for the first time, you can even book it online with us at a fixed price. This is the perfect storm for a low-maintenance car, and it's true for the V6 and V8 models of this particular car.