March For Our Lives California  Class of 2021

These are all of the members of the current board of March For Our Lives California. For more on what these positions mean and what each individual does, please see this section.

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Jessica grew up in Santa Ana, Orange County and is currently finishing her last semester in Sacramento State and is set to become the first person in her family to get a degree! She currently serves as the West Coast Regional Director of March for Our Lives and the Director of External Affairs for GenUp. She served as the former Director for March for Our Lives California. Other prior positions included serving College Democrats of America, being a field organizer for the California Democratic Party 2018, and an active member in her school and community.


Her biggest aspiration is working with poc women who are escaping femicide in their country of origin and are migrating to this country for a better opportunity.She fights to intersect domestic violence and immigration with how we can improve gun violence prevention. In the end, she wants a better opportunity for her community.

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Maya is a junior in high school from Los Angeles and has been involved in the gun violence prevention movement since the beginnings of March For Our Lives. Before becoming state director, Maya started a MFOL chapter at her local high school and therefore understands how important local organizing truly is. Maya is also a fellow at the Grassroots Democratic Headquarters and works to promote progressive ideals on a national level. She is passionate on the intersections of gun violence, specifically how it intersects with racial justice, queer liberation and mental health. As a queer Middle Eastern American, Maya sees gun violence as a global issue that needs to be combatted on all levels, not just basic "gun control" measures. When she isn't working in the organizing sphere, Maya loves to swim and spend time with her friends.

Eshaan Khan is a junior in high school from the Bay Area who is passionate about human rights and decolonization. Eshaan currently serves as the Director of Communications for MFOL California. Prior to joining the state board, he founded a March For Our Lives chapter in his area, Tri-Valley, and is the current co-lead for that chapter. Eshaan is also involved with other GVP organizations such as Students Demand Action and Team ENOUGH. A few other positions Eshaan partakes in are a political fellowship, a MEDLIFE Movement associate, and a student volunteer at Kaiser Permanente. When Eshaan is not advocating or studying, he enjoys watching Netflix, going out for brunch with friends, and reading.

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Giovanni Pope is a grassroots activist, organizer, and youth policy analyst from SoCal and Northern Los Angles County. He currently serves as the Political Director for March for Our Lives California and prior to joining this role he served as a director on several campaigns as a part of his personal mission to elect progressives up and down the ballot. He is currently a university student additionally he serves as Commissioner in his hometown as the Commissioner of Equity for the City of Lancaster. When he is not out in streets or offices protesting, organizing, and lobbying for justice and equity he loves going on drives traveling to hidden treasures in the SoCal area, reading magazines, and watching Netflix.​

Michael is a high school student from Long Beach and a grassroots organizer in the Salinas Valley. He is extremely passionate about activism that uplifts underprivileged people and empowers marginalized communities, especially in the fight against gun violence. Prior to joining the state board, Michael founded 2 March For Our Lives Chapters, was a research and policy assistant on the state political team, and engaged in work addressing the many intersections of violence. Michael is honored to be Action Director and hopes to use that position to work with everyone in our incredible organization to pursue the cause of justice everywhere it is needed.



What positions mean and what each individual does.

Regional Director

  • Present at statewide calls to give updates on national

  • Facilitates communication at all levels and fosters relationships with local chapters

  • Final go-to for advice on organizing, fundraising, and anything else related to March For Our Lives California

  • Ensure implementation of national initiatives

  • Conflict resolution

  • Recruitment initiatives for the state

  • Advise on statewide initiatives

  • Constantly analyze, improve and grow statewide structure to accommodate expansion

  • Document and keep up to date the state structures

  • Manage statewide communication through preferred messaging platform


Co-Directors (Deputy Directors assist State Co-Directors in these)

  • Manage recruitment and onboarding of new chapters

  • Develop statewide initiatives and overall bigger picture of state

  • Responsible for fostering a sense of community across the state

  • Set agenda and facilitate statewide calls twice a month

  • First go-to for advice on organizing and know who to direct them to for issues that should be handled by other state wide leaders

  • Mentor for local chapters

  • Manage inter-committee dynamics and hold check in calls with each committee leader

  • Facilitate democratic system for appointing committee lead positions including Co-Director (this system should probably be created by the Regional Directors)

  • Acknowledgment of accomplishments and keeping members engaged by creating opportunities for them like scholarship grants, rewards for hard work from individual chapters like social events, etc.

  • Work with school administrations to develop programs where working with MFOL can also get service/class credit


Chapter Lead Representative

  • Reports to State Organizing Directors and Chapter Leads 

  • Must be a chapter lead (for at least a year prior) 

  • Represents all Chapter Lead interests on the State Board 

  • Regularly works with chapter leads  

  • Provides communication with the chapter leads about State Level Events - Is still a chapter lead in their city/school chapter 

  • Brings Chapter lead motions to the board  

  • Fosters good relationships with the chapter leads 


Action Director

  • Reports to State Organizing Director

  • Responsible for planning and facilitating statewide events

  • Manage the Action Committee, which is required to have weekly or bi-weekly meetings

  • Assist with partnerships and outreach

  • Help chapters organize locally 

  • Carry out tasks assigned by the State Organizing Director 


Director of Communications

  • Lead social media director for state socials

  • Cultivate content(written & graphics) for social media and website

  • Create and coordinate statewide social media actions for all chapters

  • General awareness of events going on around the state and assisting with promotion

  • Develop social media strategy to highlight political team’s efforts

  • Deep understanding of mission of MFOL and solid messaging skills to create press releases

  • Go-to representative for press and cultivate list of press contacts 

  • Press advisor for local chapters by connecting with their local press and advising them on representing the MFOL mission fo


Political Director

  • Give updates to the statewide board on the activities of the political team

  • Responsible for setting up calls/meetings with representatives at all levels

  • Cultivate a list of political contacts across the state from all parties and manage ways to show our presence at gatherings of these parties

  • They will also be responsible for at least 1 monthly call with the entire political team

  • Be familiar with current political landscape of the state and general knowledge of gun violence prevention laws

  • Communicate with regional political officers and mentor them

Deputy Organizing Director

  • Reports to State Organizing Director 

  • Manage recruitment and on-boarding of new chapters and members - Maintain communications with chapter members 

  • Work to address concerns and relay new ideas within chapter and state system - Host a weekly check-in call with chapter leads 

  • Carry out tasks assigned by the State Organizing Director 


Distributing Organizing Director

  • Reports to State Organizing Director

  • Organize statewide digital organizing events, namely phone/text banking and email distribution

  • Follow through with event outreach

  • Mange digital planning (ex. Creating event forms/Phone Banking Scripts)

  • Assist with creation of guides/toolkits

  • Carry out tasks assigned by the State Organizing Director



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