March For Our Lives California  Class of 2020

These are all of the members of the current board of March For Our Lives California. For more on what these positions mean and what each individual does, please see this section.



Perry Meade is a student at UC Berkeley studying Political Economy and Global Studies. As a Regional Director at March For Our Lives, Perry works on behalf of the national organization in leading the organizing, legislative, fundraising, and communication strategies in the states of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Idaho, and Montana. In addition to being a student and regional director, Perry is an elected delegate to the California Democratic Party and serves on the planning council for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, using his platform to push for changes and to champion solutions to the issues that students and young people are facing. In his free time, Perry enjoys reading, traveling, eating good food, and being active outside.

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Jessica grew up in Santa Ana, Orange County and is currently attending Sacramento State! Her prior positions include being the Western Recruiter for College Democrats of America while at the same time serving as the Secretary for the Refugee and Immigrant Caucus, field organizer for the California Democratic Party 2018, President of the Orange Coast College Democratic Club 2018, President of the Inter-Club Council of Orange Coast College, and Vice President of Communications. Jessica is working to pursue her Masters in International Relations while getting a doctorate in Chicano Studies. Overall, she keeps busy doing community service within each region she lives in!

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Yazzy Mebane is the State Director for Southern California. She is very passionate about youth civic engagement. As an activist and advocate, she is also heavily involved in her community’s gun violence prevention movement and in increasing voter registration and turnout among youth.

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Ankita Sethi is currently a Senior pursuing her B.A.s in Political Science and English at UC Berkeley. In addition to advocating for gun control, Ankita believes in bettering our mental health and education systems. She hopes to help make a future where people are unafraid of going outside.

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Shira is a Jewish-American from San Diego, and currently attends the University of Redlands. She is passionate about what the March For Our Lives movement stands for, and is grateful to work with such wonderful people.

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Alex grew up in Hercules, California a small town right outside San Francisco. He’s previous positions include; California Community Colleges Board of Governors Member, Calbright College Trustee, Contra Costa College’s Student Body President, Community Organizing and Political Action President, and is a current member of the Hercules Education Foundation Board of Directors. Alex is a student at Saint Mary’s College of California and likes to skateboard in his free time. 

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Alyssa Fong is a passionate student activist studying political science and sociology at the University of California, Los Angeles. She has engaged in legislative and administrative advocacy on a wide range of issues, and hopes to devote her life to social justice activism before and after attending law school. Outside of academics and advocacy, she enjoys competing in Model UN conferences, trying food at new restaurants, and spending time with her friends.

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Ria Srivastava is an Indian-American high school student passionate about gun violence prevention and its countless intersections. Before joining the state board, she founded and led two March for Our Lives chapters. Outside of social justice advocacy, Ria enjoys spending time with her family and friends, thrifting, and traveling. 

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Luis Orozco, with a loud voice and hopeful for change, is a first generation college student at Cosumnes River College studying Animal Science. Luis has inspired many of his young peers to stand up and never be silent; going so far as to being the host speaker at the March For Our Lives protest in March of 2018. Now appointed as Logistics Director for Northern California, Luis is pushing for a call to action through events and protests that highlight the need for change.

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Ameer Fadaei is Actuarial Science Major, and a Math minor, currently on his way towards a bachelor's degree at the University of California - Santa Barbara. He has been civically engaged for over 3 years, with MFOL and other organizations such as SAME, and Saddleback College's ASG.

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What positions mean and what each individual does.

Regional Director

  • Present at statewide calls to give updates on national

  • Facilitates communication at all levels and fosters relationships with local chapters

  • Final go-to for advice on organizing, fundraising, and anything else related to March For Our Lives California

  • Ensure implementation of national initiatives

  • Conflict resolution

  • Recruitment initiatives for the state

  • Advise on statewide initiatives

  • Constantly analyze, improve and grow statewide structure to accommodate expansion

  • Document and keep up to date the state structures

  • Manage statewide communication through preferred messaging platform


Co-Directors (Deputy Directors assist State Co-Directors in these)

  • Manage recruitment and onboarding of new chapters

  • Develop statewide initiatives and overall bigger picture of state

  • Responsible for fostering a sense of community across the state

  • Set agenda and facilitate statewide calls twice a month

  • First go-to for advice on organizing and know who to direct them to for issues that should be handled by other state wide leaders

  • Mentor for local chapters

  • Manage inter-committee dynamics and hold check in calls with each committee leader

  • Facilitate democratic system for appointing committee lead positions including Co-Director (this system should probably be created by the Regional Directors)

  • Acknowledgment of accomplishments and keeping members engaged by creating opportunities for them like scholarship grants, rewards for hard work from individual chapters like social events, etc.

  • Work with school administrations to develop programs where working with MFOL can also get service/class credit


Co-Political Directors 

  • Give updates to the statewide board on the activities of the political team

  • Responsible for setting up calls/meetings with representatives at all levels

  • Cultivate a list of political contacts across the state from all parties and manage ways to show our presence at gatherings of these parties

  • They will also be responsible for at least 1 monthly call with the entire political team

  • Be familiar with current political landscape of the state and general knowledge of gun violence prevention laws

  • Communicate with regional political officers and mentor them

Political Officers

    • 1-2 per county/region area depending on size

    • Each officer will give updates on the legislation they are working on and propose ideas for future legislation on the political team monthly call

    • Each officer will be responsible for the advocacy associates in their region, delegating tasks, and training on research, writing and lobbying

Advocacy Associates

      • Advocacy associates will work on research and writing legislation for the issue of focus

      • Can be members of their local chapter political team or solo members that don’t have the capacity to start their own chapter(but eventually the goal will be to connect them with someone who can start a chapter on their campus/in their area)



  • Responsible for funding of chapters

  • General knowledge and experience with fiscal sponsorships and limitation of 501c3/501c4 status of the group (can learn on job)

  • Determine what is acceptable to fund (minor) and what requires state board approval (major)

  • Familiarizes self with fiscal sponsor


Fundraising Director

  • Create fundraising initiatives and look for opportunities to connect members who have expressed proficiency in speaking at events where they can get money

  • Develop strong relationships with potential donors and cultivate a donor list

  • Responsible for appointing regional fundraising directors

    • Fundraising officers will be in charge of coordinating fundraising efforts in their norcal or socal area

    • Develop strong relationships with potential donors and add to the donor list

    • Check in on grant requests from their region

    • Responsible for appointing two regional fundraising directors per region

      • These regional directors will build out their teams to delegate tasks as they see fit and have as big a team as possible to not have anyone overwhelmed


Logistics & Partnerships Director

  • Lead organizer for statewide events and has power to recruit a planning team for these events

  • Creative with event/action planning and develop proposals for them

  • Develop fiscally responsible travel plans for members for lobbying trips, events, etc

  • Go-to experienced member for advice on planning an event from start to finish (permit applications, event space advice, recruitment/advertising timeline)

  • Develop strong relationships with potential partners and cultivate a partner list

  • Main line of communication for the state and local chapters to potentially partners for events

  • Find out how we can support our partners at their events and make sure that support of our partners is shown on social media by working with content director

  • Responsible for appointing two regional logistics officers per region

    • These regional directors will build out their teams to delegate tasks as they see fit and have as big a team as possible to not have anyone overwhelmed


Content & Communications Director

  • Lead social media director for state socials

  • Cultivate content(written & graphics) for social media and website

  • Create and coordinate statewide social media actions for all chapters

  • General awareness of events going on around the state and assisting with promotion

  • Develop social media strategy to highlight political team’s efforts

  • Deep understanding of mission of MFOL and solid messaging skills to create press releases

  • Go-to representative for press and cultivate list of press contacts 

  • Press advisor for local chapters by connecting with their local press and advising them on representing the MFOL mission for the press



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