Current Open Applications:​

State Director

  • Enforce an onboarding and vetting process for young people to form local MFOL chapters and assess needs and capacity of chapters

  • Aid in developing a strategic plan for recruiting, growing, skilling-up and investing in local chapters

  • Interview, onboard, and manage a statewide leadership team

  • Schedule and attend regular 1:1s with Regional Organizing Director

  • Maintain constant communication with your supervisor

  • Hold recurring state team calls and all state chapter calls

  • Organize statewide events with chapters

  • Communicate organizational wide priorities to local chapters

  • Assist in creating the strategy and goals for the state chapter

  • Advise on policy and communication plans for the state chapter

  • Approve statewide initiatives

  • Create and update calendar of events across the state

  • Manage state and local community partnerships

  • Collaborate with the Movement Support Team and National Organizing Team

  • Attend a monthly call with other SDs

  • Act as spokesperson for state MFOL chapter for press local and National needs

  • Mediate issues of concern between chapter leads and members, when necessary

Fundraising Director

  • Reports to State Organizing Director

  • Create fundraising initiatives

  • Develop strong relationships with potential donors and cultivate a donor list

  • Write grant requests

  • Manage fundraising team

  • Carry out tasks assigned by the State Organizing Director


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