• March For Our Lives CA

We've got a new State Board.

March For Our Lives California is about to head off into a new school year. We're excited—ecstatic, really—to dive in and to get to know our old chapter members a bit better and get to establish new relationships with our new chapter members.

But first, we'd like for you to get to know our new State Board.

We'll keep this on the short side, so just names and positions on this blog post, but you can read the bios of every board member on our team page here.

Perry Meade Regional Director

Jessica Riestra — Northern California State Director

Yasmine Mebane — Southern California State Director

Ankita Sethi — Northern California Deputy Director

Shira Griffith — Southern California Deputy Director

Alex Walker-Griffin — Northern California Political Director

Alyssa Fong — Southern California Political Director

Ry X — Northern California Director of Communications

Camryn Gordon — Southern California Director of Communications

Luis Orozco — Northern California Logistics & Partnerships Director

Huda Ahmed — Southern California Logistics & Partnerships Director

Sriya Prathuri — Fundraising Director (Northern California)

Ameer Fadaei — Treasurer (Southern California)

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