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Statement from MFOL California–U.S Capitol coup

Updated: May 2, 2021

On January 6, 2021–Our capital was attacked by a coup whose motives were influenced by Donald Trump.

In an effort to destroy our democracy, domestic terrorists have sought to threaten us with fear. Equipped with weapons, they stormed the capital. With insurrection, they attempted to further their political agenda. During the summer of 2020, tear gas and bullets disrupted peaceful Black Lives Matter protests, while yesterday's rioters were escorted peacefully out of Capitol Hill.

"I think that what happened Wednesday was not surprising but was still very painful. We saw the national guard deployed the day prior in response to the failure to provide justice for Jacob Blake. Just the next day we see a completely different picture as white supremacists storm the Capitol. Despite the fact that we already know this is how law enforcement behaves, it doesn’t make it any less hurtful to witness such horrible displays of hatred and white supremacy especially after everything that happened last year and continues every day. I think more than anything it just goes to show that the problems we have in this country will not be fixed through an election." ~ Yasmine Mabene - March For Our Lives California Co-State Director

"What happened at the capital was absolutely horrific, but it wasn’t surprising. It wasn’t surprising to see the white supremacy in this country amount to violence, to amount to gun violence. It wasn’t surprising to see police officers side with white supremacists when we have seen them killing black and brown people far too often. It wasn’t even surprising seeing elected officials sheltering in place because our generation has spent our entire lives doing the same thing in classrooms. None of what took place is surprising when politicians in this country have been enabling white supremacists and gun violence. But something must be done. We must hold our elected officials accountable, both left and right, and start fighting against white supremacy in this country while uplifting black and brown people's voices and preventing acts of hatred and gun violence from happening in the first place." ~ Maya Deganyar - March For Our Lives California Co-State Director

The failed insurrection illustrates the embodiment of white privilege. March For Our Lives California demands the impeachment of Donald Trump.

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